Services tailored specifically for you

Clients & Families

We offer a management service that strives to maximize your outcome.


As part of this process we conduct a ‘needs analysis’ assessment, working with you to determine your individual needs and help formulate your short and longer-term goals.


We then source the most appropriate resources to meet those needs and ensure that those resources and therapies are best utilized by stringent clinical governance systems.


In addition to traditional client management services, Catastrophic Injury Management provides:


  • Independent physiotherapy client assessments and report writing.

  • A governance service that provides second opinions regarding the appropriateness of ‘Life Care Plans’ and ‘Case Management Service Plans’ received by insurers, issued from other health management organizations. 


Legal Entities

Catastrophic Injury Management provides a clear and concise physiotherapy and nursing-based medico legal reporting service, including a comprehensive ‘Life Care Plan’ as part of this process.


We understand the importance of careful ‘Life Care Plan’ development.


Unlike other providers, we recommend (after rigorous client assessment) that we help determine and source the appropriate health care providers in order to formulate an appropriate list of care items and costs.


We pledge that our reports are issued without bias, as we are not aligned to any particular legal entity.


As such, we are confident that our findings and recommendations will withstand the rigours of any legal proceedings.