Experts in the management of people who have sustained a catastrophic injury in Australia

Who we are



We are experts in the management of people who have sustained a catastrophic injury in Australia.


Although not mutually exclusive, we offer a range of highly specialized services that provide specific expertise for the client, the insurer and for legal firms following a catastrophic injury.

What we do


  1. We perform comprehensive patient assessments.

  2. We prepare Medico legal reports.

  3. We formulate Life Care Plans based on our assessment findings.

  4. We audit Life Care Plans prepared by other organizations to ensure equitable outcomes.

  5. We provide advice regarding the indication for medical and allied health assessment and treatment.

  6. We manage patients who have sustained a catastrophic injury by:

- Directing patients to the best treatments available.

- Ensuring appropriate standards by effective clinical governance.

- Encouraging evidence and consensus-based treatment.



"Graham is an outstanding physio and trusted colleague. I have had a clinical and business relationship witih him for close to two decades and thoroughly recommend him to others."


Dr Lachlan Henderson

Executive Director SJG Perth Northern Hospitals

CEO SJG Subiaco



It's my pleasure to provide a testimonial for Graham Mackay-Coghill


Graham's medico-legal reports and Life Care Plans are are always well prepared, detailed and objective and  generally exceed our expectations in terms of content and detail.


The combination of his qualifications and his experience mean he's able to report on a client's needs from a multi-disciplinary perspective  and his care and treatment recommendations are both well researched and bi-partisan. 


David Bayly


Bradley Bayly Legal